Make a beautiful memory with your old coffee table

Make a beautiful memory with your old coffee table


Your old coffee table may appear outdated, then it is a right moment to fold your sleeves up and varnish that old table and make it resemble like new again.


Tips to renovate your old coffee table:


  1. The first job is to fix an area fit for carrying out the task. The work is quite achieved in your garage or even outdoors if the climate is good. Put down a few old sheets or old papers. You will most probably spill the remaining drop of paint while you are doing this project. You want to make sure that you don’t do it in your living room or another room in your house where there’s the chance of getting paint on other furniture or on the floor. You also want to make sure a mechanical sander like Makita orbital sanderhow to use.


  1. Remove the current paint or varnish from your table until you reach the base wood. For this, you can use a simple varnish or paint remover that you can buy from the hardware store. If you run into any particularly stubborn areas you can use a mechanical sander like Makita orbital sanderto get it off.


  1. Clean the table. Make sure there are no particles or debris on the table that could get stuck in the paint (once it gets in the paint there’s not much you can do but to remove the paint and you don’t want to have to do that).


  1. Apply the paint. When you are painting the table you want to make sure that you allow each coat you apply to dry before you add another. If you don’t you run the risk of just piling on a bunch of wet paint that may not dry evenly (and this would look bad).


  1. Once you finish painting and all the paint is dry you should add a protective clear coat on the paint. This step is optional but can protect your table against damage.